Private teaching

I wonder are there any researchers done or books published about how to teach privately. Advantages are clear. They are one-on-one, high salary ( not in my case, but still ) total control and total attention. The last two are the most scary for me as a teacher and as an ex-english-private-student. 

 The sense of boredsom comes one day and then it is mostly impossible to get rid of it. Although the materials, texts, books and films can be the best friends and join your romantic outing tet-a-tet, teacher-student communication will one day become stale if not sour.


Grammar is the foundation for building language skills. Learning grammar enables students to speak and write more accurately, confidently and fluently. I have found that asking students to explain grammar rules to each other and to the rest of the class gives them more confidence. It also indicates to the teacher whether the grammar needs clarifying or explaining. By teaching each other, they also consolidate their own knowledge or discover holes that need filling.

British Council 

This is exactly how I feel about this topic. One of my favourite text books is Round-up. Thank you Virginia Evans.

Also, I think any kind of student’s interaction when one is a teacher and another one is a student creates supportive environment and boosts self-confidence.  

Spring is coming

Spring holidays are around the corner. My ipod battery is super low and I am running to my morning class. Each morning I am thinking what to wear. And not only because I am lady in mid-20s but I also brlieve that the way teacher dresses reflects students enormously.

I, myself, was numerously cheered up by crazy, funny, funky teachers’ outfits. Such as the shirt with disney characters, hats and costumes, hand-made earings. I always try to feel the mood my teacher is in by looking at the outfit.

This is why I am very conscious about my own clothing. 

Having this in mind, I am heading to dress and leave.   

Let the fun begin

This post is about my goals, interests and personality. I am 23. I have a family. I do not have friends. I have good memories, awful tragedies and funny stories to tell over a cup of coffee. I prefer coffee with vanilla, milk and as much toppings as can fit in a cup or on top of the cup. So the cup looks more like cupcake then a solid good cup of coffee. 

I have started this blog to become a better teacher, person and learner.

I shall focus on positive feedback and cherish my successful self-observations. I am looking for the shoulders of giants to stand on and arms of colleges to shake, hold and give five. 

 This blog is the source and storage for inspirations and aspirations.

I am going to post links to the films, cites, books and materials I have found helpful and exciting to teach with.

I am going to blog about my college studies at the TESL program, as well as writing about my teaching experience in private sector.

I am a translator too. Especially, I enjoy translating academical essays, papers and poems.

I appreciate speaking and understanding Russian, English, Hebrew, French and other languages.